Launch Announcement- Novo Omni-Channel Retail Application

Launch Announcement- Novo Omni-Channel Retail Application

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Novo Onboard Retail provide the Travel industry with a software suite that facilitates the sales of food, beverages, duty-free, and virtual products onboard, enabling organisations to realise their ancillary revenue goals.

Novo understands that it is imperative to engage passengers at every touchpoint in order to leverage onboard retail opportunities and maximise ancillary revenues while offering the passenger an excellent retail experience. The “NovoSuite” solution does exactly that, and the Omni-Channel Retail application provides the flexability to manage a complex order and delivery process in one application.

Integration is Key to Success
Many attempts have been made to produce an at-seat retail solution, but none are fully integrated with the logistics, journey planning and crew devices. Most solutions currently on the market rely on bolting on a restaurant booking application without integration because of the cost and complexity of trying to integrate two or more disparate systems. In turn this means that staff are maintaining and reconciling data in two or more systems, which is expensive, time consuming and prone to errors, not to mention the complexity of creating meaningful management reports. The NovoSuite solution allows staff to manage Journeys, Products, Stock Plans, Price Lists, Promotions, Commission, Pre-Orders, Onboard Sales, plus all reconciliation and reporting, in one system. Journey departure times are held in the Novo system for all Journeys, therefore, a cut-off time for pre-orders can be set to ensure the warehouse operations team have the time to pick, pack and dispatch the orders prior to departure.

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