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All-In-One NovoPos | PAX A920, PAX A77

All-In-One NovoPos | PAX A920, PAX A77

The NovoPOS application allows the crew to manage

  • Pre and post flight seal management and stock checks
  • High Quality images, clearly defined product categories and promotions, help crew navigate sales screens.
  • Receipts can be sent via SMS, Email or printed
  • Stock Uplifts requested sent electronically and received at the end and beginning of legs.
  • Reports allow crew to monitor performance and status
  • Payments accepted in multiple currencies in cash, card or vouchers.
  • Seat map allows the crew to identify passengers and record sales against their seat number.
  • Stock onboard visible to all crew in real-time across all bar-sets

All-In-One NovoPos | Sunmi P2 Pro, P2 Lite

The P2 Series options with an integrated Printer for customer receipts and one without for those customers who only need SMS and Email receipts. Both the Pro % Lite versions have a built in Payment module for Contactless, Chip & Pin and Swipe card payments, and scanner for Barcode payments such as WeChat Pay and Ali

  • The P2-series All-In-One Android payment terminals comprising Android Operating System
  • Large HD colour display
  • Integral Receipt printer
  • Payment module, PCI DSS accredited
  • Offline Payments
  • High capacity battery
  • Inbuilt contactless | Chip &Pin | Swipe
  • Communication 2G,3G,4G
All-In-One NovoPos | Sunmi P2 Pro, P2 Lite
Novo have over three decades of experience in providing hardware solutions that meet both operational and strategic objectives.
NovoPos is designed to run on multiple form factors and platforms. As a fully integrated solution, not only do we ensure our end users benefit from enhanced operational processes, but a hardware solution that is both serviceable, future proof and guarantee’s the lowest cost of ownership.

NovoPos supports a wide range of rugged, industrial and consumer devices.

With the POS devices pre-configured and ready before the Journey, the crew have everything they need to ensure a smooth service on-board.
Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our onboard POS solutions.

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