Payment integration

Integrated payment processing for rail POS

Rail payment processing services

Our PCI-compliant POS solution allows the administration of online and offline ‘onboard’ payments. Our All-in-One mobile payment terminal is simple for the crew to manage. We enable the integration of major payment options and currencies to maximise ancillary revenue opportunities and enhance the payment experience. Our product takes payments even without the internet.
cash-less cabin

Approved and certified payment options

In the last 35+ years, we’ve acquired unparalleled expertise in onboard card payment processing on mobile - offline and online.

Completion of sales is made easy with the adoption of the right hardware and latest innovations in payment technologies to support cashless services.

We offer fully integrated payment solutions that are approved and certified with major card payment system providers such as STS Payments, Anderson Zaks, Ingenico, Bluefin, and FreedomPay. NovoPOS is PCI-compliant.

The card payment systems are deliverable out-of-the-box and can facilitate rapid deployment in most locations worldwide.

Some of the merchant account providers we work with to offer rail payment processing services include Worldpay, Elavon, Global Payments and SIX Payment Services.

Boost the payment experience for your end-users

The NovoPOS solution accepts all payment methods, including Mastercard, Visa, China Union, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Google and Apple Pay.

We ensure 99.5 % reliability when taking payments in a mobile environment, whether ‘online’ or ‘offline.’ No more frustrated passengers and potentially lost sales due to faulty or zero internet connections.

The application has a built-in payment module for contactless, chip-and-pin and swipe card payments, along with a scanner for Barcode payments such as WeChat Pay and Ali.

The All-in-One payment terminals have been carefully selected for use in the onboard train environment. They are fully pre-accredited with payment gateway providers and acquiring banks, reducing complexity and facilitating a timely rollout.

Payment Partners

Realise your ancillary revenue potential in the rail industry with Novo Product Suite.