The de facto POS software for the rail sector

Simplifying point of sale for crew

The NovoPOS solution ensures that the train crew is able to make sales and take payments in-transit - whatever the connectivity. This simple intuitive application requires minimal training and allows crew to process sales quickly and efficiently.
NovoPos - Onboard Retail

Point of Sale

The POS screen in the NovoPOS solution is designed to be simple yet dynamic, mirroring the train crew’s natural flow of work. The software streamlines existing operations, and records all stock, sales and payment information throughout every train journey.

All the information gathered is fed back to the NovoHub Back Office where it can be viewed, interrogated, and passed onto other interfaced systems where required, thus enhancing productivity.

An important design criterion for the POS application is the ease of use in order to maximise ancillary revenue during the train journey. NovoPOS ensures a thoroughly personalised experience.

The top features of NovoPOS

One of the best railway POS hardware systems, NovoPOS enables the rail crew to fulfil many responsibilities easily:

  • Allow the crew to map seats and identify passengers and record sales against their seat number
  • Handle sales screens with high-quality images, clearly-defined product categories
  • Send stock uplifts electronically and receive at the end and beginning of legs
  • Allow the crew to monitor performance and status via real-time reporting
  • Send receipts via SMS or email, or hand over a print copy to the customer
  • Manage pre- and post-train journey seal management and stock checks
  • Make stock onboard visible to all crew in real-time across all bar-sets
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies in cash, card or vouchers
NovoPos - Crew Sales Screen
NovoPos - Onboard Retail

Meet our NovoPOS Hardware

Our POS software is just one side of the coin. The NovoPOS hardware for the rail industry is designed to run on multiple form factors and platforms. Our hardware solution is serviceable, future-proof and guarantees the lowest cost of ownership. Together, our POS software and hardware deliver an all-in-one-device - pre-configured and ready before the train journey - so that the crew has everything they need to ensure a smooth service onboard.

View our brochure to discover all the key features of NovoPOS.

Realise your ancillary revenue potential in the rail industry with Novo Product Suite.