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Onboard Retail – Keep it Connected

It's true that a success requires grit, determination and vision to succeed. An effective on-board sales strategy requires careful and pragmatic planning, understanding and, of course, this needs to be approached as one element of a multi-touch, multi-channel customer engagement policy. But the good news is that technology in this area is evolving rapidly, and keeping things simple, while maximising revenue is no longer the distant or unattainable target that it once may have seemed.

Implementing On-Board POS, A Guide To ‘Getting It Right’ First Time

The trend for ticket price reductions and increasing choice of ‘paid for’ ancillaries being used to replace revenue off-set continues. This creates greater value, choice and comfort for the customer experience promoting loyalty and increasing profit margins for airlines. Thus, many airlines or their catering / duty free partners might want to invest in a modern on-board POS system. It can be exceptionally challenging for organisations to get the selection and implementation process right and to ensure that the desired outcomes can be achieved. This paper is written from the point of view of a POS technology supplier, with many years specific industry experience.

White Paper - Connectivity is Key

Ancillary Revenue is key to low cost Airlines that want to offset the price of seats to keep costs down and remain competitive. So what can they do to match the enormous growth and investment in retail by the Airports and win back onboard sales.

Novo Onboard Retail CEO Jon Hall - The Covid Era

An Interview with Jon Hall CEO - Getting Things Done!

"As with many CEOs in the Airline industry, faced with a dramatic halt in activity, I had to sit back and reassess, with the safety and wellbeing of staff being a priority, and then to look at sustainability of the business. Suddenly I found myself ‘off the roundabout’ with more time to think, to look ahead and to reflect on our products and services, especially in light of the changes in onboard retail in the post Covid-19 era" Jon Hall CEO

Novo Onboard Retail Brochure POS

Whether you are an Airline, Rail company or concessionaire, the NovoSuite provides a 'Best In Class' onboard retail solution for managing your onboard retail operation, providing the tools for both crew and back office staff to maximise ancillary revenue and provide your passengers with a fast, efficient and personal service.

Realise your ancillary revenue potential in the rail industry with Novo Product Suite.