Omni Channel Retail

Novo understand that it is imperative to engage passengers at every touchpoint in order to leverage onboard retail opportunities, maximising ancillary revenues while offering the passenger an excellent retail experience.

The Novo Omni-Channel Retail solution is the first to market with the ability to offer Real-Time synchronised stock, accurately reflecting the availability of products onboard the train, avoiding passengers placing orders for items that are out of stock which leads to frustration and disappointment for the passenger and embarrassment for the crew.

Novo Omni-Channel Process diagram

Omni-Channel Retail Process

Real-Time Stock Synchronisation

Novo’s Omni-Channel e-commerce platform allows passengers to engage with the retailers Online Shop at multiple points in the journey. The Pre-Order web site is fully integrated with the NovoHub warehouse, allowing Pre-Journey orders to be delivered In-Journey to the passengers seat. Alternative collection points, at the origin, or destination station /port. Delivering goods directly to home, or destination point, avoids the passenger having to carry goods and allows the Retailer to offer a wider range of products including larger, heavier or perishable goods.

Pre-Order e-Commerce Website

Novo’s Pre-order e-commerce website is fully integrated with the NovoHub back office and inherits all products, price lists, promotions and Journey details. To ensure In-Journey product availability, stock is matched with the specific Journey number. If the selected products are not going to be available onboard, the system will suggest an alternative delivery method. Products can be marked as ground delivery only, and where applicable Tax automatically applied.
The Retail company's branding is applied to the Website, including logo’s and colour scheme.
Novo Airline Pre-Order e-commerce website