Report & Analytics

Reporting Console Dashboard

The NovoHub Reporting Console allows management to monitor, and report on, key performance criteria, giving the organisation a clear picture of the company’s performance. This allows adjustments to the operation in order to finely tune the processes and thereby optimise revenue and costs. KPI Reports & Graphs
  • Sales By Date
  • Sales By Crew
  • Top Ten Products
  • Sales by Sale Type - Retail |Complementary | Employee
  • Sales Trend Analysis – Cumulative
  • Sales Trend Analysis – Comparison
  • Sales and Stock Report – Detailed

Reporting Console - Reports

The Reports can be viewed on screen and downloaded for inclusion in management reports or manipulation in a Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool.
  • A full sales reports per Journey, Leg, Products, sales Value per Crew Member, Profitability, Crew Commission.
  • Stock Reports show details on Multi-Warehouse, Stock Levels, Stock Usage, Wastage, Ullage, Reconciliation, Stock Movements.
  • Powerful filters allow you to format the report as per your reporting requirements.
  • Full access is given to allow a direct connection to the NovoHub reporting tables,