Software Development

Novo On-board & PSI

Partners for Better Digital Outcomes

Our strategic alliance with PSI allows us to collaborate on custom software development for delivering a competitive advantage for our clients. We have more than 6 years of experience working with PSI where our collaboration has been mutually beneficial in facilitating the development of the 'NovoStar' software suite. Our association has helped both organizations maximize revenues while sharing critical cross-information on better serving the customers. Jon Hall, Director of Outsourcing & Client Relations, has been a representative of PSI for the UK market. Jon's role as an outsourcing-offshoring advisor encapsulates the decision-making process and strategy for the offshore market. Jon helps us establish mutual understanding in engagement models, agreements, KRAs, KPIs, and risk mitigation, etc. with offshore IT partner leadership. He has been instrumental in improving efficiency, development, and scalability with our offshore partners in the UK.

Our Joint Services

Product engineering

Software product engineering services to create state-of-the-art solutions, helping companies create future-ready products.

Digital transformation

Enabling businesses to reinvent the future with cutting-edge digital solutions and rapid innovation to helpengage with customers, personalize experiences, and build a strong market advantage in the digital age.


Easy-to-use Salesforce automation and CRM solutions to empower your organization.

Enterprise ADM

Mapping modern technologies to offer enterprises state-of-the-art software solutions to transform enterprises in response to business goals and opportunities

Mobile application development

Increase productivity, automate business processes, and streamline business-specific processes using our custom-built mobile applications.

Cloud computing

Our cloud deployment services support a wide range of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products, enabling secure, scalable, and lightning-fast access to data, content, and anything else your app needs to run.

Backend and frontend development

Frontend application experts to help you build beautiful and functional interactive mobile and web apps.Backend application experts to build interfaces and custom database schemas that perform behind the scene.

Data & analytics

End-to-end data and analytics services to help customers leverage the power of data and unlock actionable business insights.

Technology Partners