The rail logistic software system

NovoHub Journey Planning | Schedulling

What is NovoHub?

Facilitate and control workflows and all aspects of pre- and post-journey sales information and reconciliation with NovoHub. Our flagship back-office solution manages the logistics behind the retail-on-board operations, including the sale of food and beverages, and duty-free and virtual products onboard such as perfumes, skincare/fashion items, and other ancillaries. NovoHub is highly configurable and flexible, speeds time to market, adapts to specific business requirements without development, and mimics the natural workflow of the train crew.

NovoHub Back Office Solutions

NovoHub, the rail logistic software system, drives logistical optimisation and service innovation within the rail industries through:
  • Customisable multiple stock plans by journey so crew can maximise selling opportunities
  • Robust automated traceability, accuracy and efficiencies for the catering or warehouse and finance teams
  • End-to-end reconciliation of what was sold, packed, what came back, what was paid by cash/card, and so on
  • A back-office, allowing rail companies to optimise trolley stocking and catering supplies, reducing costs and waste
  • Gives access to data for interrogation either through the built-in reports or APIs, allowing you to optimise trolley-stocking and catering supplies, and reduce costs and wastage
  • The availability of customer-centric data, enabling the provision of a wide range of enhanced services such as passenger pre-order purchases and loyalty schemes

Deploy an enterprise-level-suite, providing an end-to-end solution for onboard retail in the rail industry, and enjoy the following features of our rail logistic software system:












  • Multiple Train Companies
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Suppliers Register
  • User Register
  • POS device Register
  • Seals
  • Countries
  • Destinations
  • Train Sets
  • Cabins
  • Cabin Class
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Stock Management, Current stock, Min, Max, re-order level
  • Reorder Alerts
  • Purchase Order
  • Stock Receiving
  • Automated report for trolley stock balance
  • Automated report for sales and collection
  • Reconciliation and verification of sales, inventory
  • Raise dispute request, if any
  • Unload trolleys
  • Authorised crew user to prepare for departure
  • Trolley information received
  • Inventory information received
  • Products, pricing, offers, currency rate etc. received
  • Passenger details received
  • Stock Check
  • Validation & confirmation for departure readiness
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Currency Converter
  • Multiple Promotions
  • Multiple Price Lists
  • Commission Structure
  • Multiple Packing Lists
  • Free format trolley & container creation
  • Bar-set Picking list
  • Pack Bar-set
  • Receive & Pack Bar-set
  • Seal Assignment
  • Dispatch Bar-set with Journey
  • Dispatch Note
  • Uplifts
  • Pre-Orders
  • Select customer based on the seat no, PNR or name
  • Scan copy of Passport & Boarding Pass
  • Scan to add products in billing cart
  • Multi-currency payment
  • Run loyalty program
  • Print invoice or send digitally – SMS or Email
  • Serve pre-orders
  • Seat Map
  • Take orders for pickup at airport or delivery
  • At- Seat Orders from passengers Smartphone or Tablet
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Passengers
  • Loyalty
  • Delivery Onboard
  • Delivery to destination
  • Delivery to Home
  • Payment Options
  • Lock trolleys warehouse sign-off
  • Dispatch trolleys to Train
  • Reconciliation of trolley inventory
  • Reconciliation of payment collections
  • Lock trolley and cash bag
  • Sign-off by authorised crew user
  • Dashboard showing critical KPI’s
  • Stock Reporting
  • Commission Reporting
  • Export to .csv
  • Upload information to Rail ERP system

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