Novo On-Board Retail Release New On-Board POS Buyers Guide

Novo On-Board Retail Release New On-Board POS Buyers Guide

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For many travel companies and their catering / duty free partners, the trend to replace revenue off-set with ‘paid for ancillaries’ is a key driver to invest in modern On-Board POS systems. It can be exceptionally challenging for organisations to get the selection and implementation process right and to ensure the desired outcomes can be achieved.

Meaningful innovation

For the travel industry, the pace of innovation accelerates, creating greater opportunity for myriad advances in the ‘Digital Cabin’ such as on-board connectivity, In-Journey content and the creation of new and better sales channels and purchasing opportunities such as pre-order and purchase at-seat.. All this whilst at the same time generating potentially greater complexity for project definition and implementation. Navigation of the above complexities is the challenge presented. The good news is that it is possible to create meaningful change that can drive the travel industry to new models for success.

Get it right

Reasoning on how to get these projects right and what can be done to maximise positive outcomes, our recently released buyers guide, “Implementing On-Board POS – A Guide to ‘Getting it Right’ takes a look at the key considerations, purchasing criteria, control of implementation through to go live and the support phase. Click here to learn more 

Implementing On-Board POS, A Guide To ‘Getting It Right’ First Time