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Hardware options are growing daily and there is a bewildering number of product types including rugged all in one devices, consumer tablets and phones, rugged tablets and a variety of payment terminals and receipt printers. Then there is the dilemma regarding operating systems and future proofing.

Making the right choice will ensure happy and productive cabin crew, maximum uptime, the lowest cost of ownership and predictable costs. However the wrong device in the wrong environment can result in an open ended commitment, unreliable systems and data, and spiralling costs. Fortunately NovoStar POS has been designed from the group up to run on

Android, IOS and Windows operating systems, and all hardware types from tablets to all-in-one devices. The Navistar solution even allows mixed devices on-board the same aircraft, allowing for example all-in-one devices for Food and Beverage sales, a 5” Android Tablet for Duty Free sales and an iPad for the Pursor.

Thanks to our decades of experience and totally agnostic approach towards hardware and operating systems, we can assist you to make the most appropriate selection for your specific operations and strategic objectives. If you are a concessionaire we can provide advice on the best equipment for each one of your customers.

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