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NovoStar POS

The Point of Sale provides an intuitive system that revolves around the customer. Above all it ensures food and beverage, duty free, virtual product and other sales are handled efficiently, combining detailed and relevant passenger information to the crew who can use the information to upsell in a manner that feels personalised.

Our NovoStar system is trusted by many of the worlds leading airlines. The software can be deployed on a rugged hand held computer or a tablet device. Whichever device type the application can be deployed as easily and quickly as a mainstream marketplace application and your crew will find the software incredibly easy to use ….leaving them to focus on customer service delivery and ancillary product ‘upselling’.

Pre-orders can be processed from the airline website, catalogue or even purchased onboard for the return journey. (NovoStar was the first onboard software to ever process Pre-order for Virgin Atlantic back in 1995). On-board Promotions and Special Offers can be made available in a multitude of formats and are all configurable within NovoStar Hub.

The system facilitates improved speed of stock and cash reconciliation and management reporting utilising GPRS or WiFi communication from the aircraft straight to the bank and back office system in a matter of minutes.

Flight attendant working in the aisle
Flight attendant working in the aisle

Other Key Features

  • An intuitive touch screen design designed for speed and ease of use by the crew
  • The capability to process more payment types than any other on-board POS system. NovoStar can process: Cash, Foreign Currency, Vouchers, Travellers Cheques, Prepayment cards, Credit Cards, Chip & Pin, Contactless payment technology (facilitating any sale under £15 to be processed in a matter of seconds) and Near Field Communication (allowing you to pay for goods via electronic cash bag (mobile phone)
  • 3DES encrypted fully PCI/DSS, EMV, Common Criteria, bank certified for online and offline Chip & Pin and Contactless payments on-board
  • All manner of frequent flyer program integration to enable the passenger to collect or spend points in flight