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NovoStar HUB Backoffice System

NovoStar Hub is where our systems meet the rest of the world. Our Windows Store Application provides the ability for our customers to manage the logistics behind the in flight operations, whether that is adding duty free products for sale, providing Food and Beverage for sale on-board aircraft, or providing information about special requirements of a customer, the NovoStar Hub allows this to be handled in a Desktop, or Tablet environment. It also provides the mechanism for integration to other Airline, Airport and Third party systems using our NovoStar adapters.

  • Flight schedule / Crew briefing
  • Sales targeting / Procedural data
  • Passenger CRM
  • Passenger booking, Seat allocation, Travel itinerary
  • Baggage handling data
  • Catering & on-board duty free inventory data
  • On-board sales data
  • Weather data
  • Product price

The operational and commercial benefits that can be derived from the optimal configuration of the ‘Connect’ middleware are massive in impact and scope.

Flight attendant checking e-tickets