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NovoStar Connect

Our NovoStar Connect product provides the glue that joins our POS to Back Office Systems, handling both offline and online connectivity and anywhere in between, it handles the interchange of information in an efficient and timely mannor whenever connectivity exists, whether that is over Wi-Fi or GPRS.

Hosted in the cloud, NovoStar ‘Connect’ Middleware is based upon standard Microsoft platforms and development components. The airline operator has the assurance that key issues such as data security, system reliability and redundancy, OS backward compatibility and upgrade paths are all addressed automatically through our alignment with the world’s leading software developer.

By using Push technology, we save on transmission costs, reduce turnaround time and improve reliability providing the right information and the right place at the right time. From updating systems of a change in price, changing a customers loyalty status through to giving airline operations early notice of a fault on the aircraft the information can be passed on as soon as there is a connection.

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