Before the Flight During the Flight End of the Flight RETAIL ON-BOARD KEY FEATURES The NovoStar product suite provides the airline industry with a solution that facilitates the sale of inflight duty-free, catering and ancillary products. In an industry where the key differentiator is service, TouchStar have the technology that makes onboard selling a fast, easy and personalised experience. The NovoStar back office system manages flight plans, stock plans, pre- orders and bar sets. The back office ensures that the stock plan is customised for each journey so crew are able to maximise selling opportunities. Engaging with passengers, making sales and processing payments are made easier by the adoption of the correct choice of mobile hardware combined with the latest innovations in payment technologies. Crew can use their POS devices to close the flight leg or indicate a change of crew. When connected, the POS will upload completed flight data, such as sales and stock levels to the NovoStar back office. z z On-Board POS Software and Hardware Solutions. z z Full Back Office with integration capabilities z z Open access for Business Intelligence and Reporting. The NovoStar product suite from TouchStar provides best in class on-board Systems and all of the tools necessary to allow crew to deliver the best possible passenger experience. +44 (0) 1926 831173 On-board POS and Back Office SOLUTIONS on-board retail