Fully PCI/DSS Compliant Easy to generate reports & dashboards First software to process Pre-Orders in 1995 Real Time and Offline Processing Multiple payment Processing Options

How we do it

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Novostar provides a complete environment for airlines to manage the on-board retail experience and management of passengers and flights. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the crew to perform their job so they can deliver great service that's personalised to the  individual. At a time when driving ancillary revenue is so critical for airlines, it's this approach that can turn stressed passengers int to happy and informed ones - ones who are willing to spend more on food, drink and duty free ahead of their journey or while on board.

As the leading provider of on-board retail systems, designed specifically to optimise ancillary revenues, airline operators are able to capitalise on our decades of experience. Together we specify and implement systems that collect, consolidate, analyse and distribute actionable data. The benefits in terms of improved operations and crew interactions are tangible and immense, not least of which is the ability to deliver the correct (and if appropriate, personalised) ancillary product or service to the passenger in a timeframe of his / her choosing.

The NovoStar system is a portfolio of optimised system components, based around our ‘NovoStar Connect’ middleware product. ‘Connect’ provides seamless interfacing to front-end POS hardware & software and all major back office business systems. ‘Connect’ is based upon the standard Microsoft Azure platform, providing an immediate level of assurance to airline IT personnel. System reliability, redundancy, security and future enhancement are all effectively underwritten by the Microsoft Corporation’s own development effort. 

The integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services associated with Azure make it easier for us to build and manage enterprise, mobile, and web applications faster. This means that we can offer generic system upgrades and bespoke modifications to our airline clients rapidly. 

Azure supports the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices available in the current market. For the technically minded this means that we can build apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js. For the non technically minded, this means that we are able to support front and back end system development in all of the major operating environments, namely iOS, Android and Windows.

General System Attributes

The inherent flexibility in the Azure platform has enabled us to incorporate system attributes that are of tangible benefit to the airline operator, namely;

  • We are able to maintain a genuinely agnostic stance with regards to hardware provision, which provides multiple choices for the airline operator
  • The system interfaces with all data access points including smart phones, tablets, seatback IFE and various streaming solutions
  • The system supports a distributed model where the data can be located on servers on the ground, onboard the aircraft or as native applications on mobile devices
  • The NovoStar system is scalable and modular in nature. We can offer implementation of standard modules or additional bespoke development to facilitate additional system functionality
  • The NovoStar system offers inherent platform stability with measurable and proven minimisation of downtime disruption
  • NovoStar ‘Connect’ facilitates multi-party system connectivity such that all relevant users including passengers, crew, airline executives and travel-operator vendors can access the components that are pertinent to them

Novostar POS

Airline POS device

The Point of Sale provides an intuitive system that revolves around the customer. Above all it ensures food and beverage, duty free, virtual product and other sales are handled efficiently, combining detailed and relevant passenger information to the crew who can use the information to upsell in a manner that feels personalised.

Our NovoStar system is trusted by many of the worlds leading airlines. The software can be deployed on a rugged hand held computer or a tablet device. Whichever device type the application can be deployed as easily and quickly as a mainstream marketplace application and your crew will find the software incredibly easy to use ….leaving them to focus on customer service delivery and ancillary product 'upselling'.

Pre orders can be processed from the airline website, catalogue or even purchased onboard for the return journey. (Novostar was the first onboard software to ever process Pre Order for Virgin Atlantic back in 1995). Onboard Promotions and Special Offers can be made available in a multitude of formats and are all configurable within Novostar Hub.

The system facilitates improved speed of stock and cash reconciliation and management reporting utilising GPRS or WiFi communication from the aircraft  straight to the bank and back office system in a matter of minutes.

Other Key Features

  • An intuitive touch screen design designed for speed and ease of use by the crew
  • The capability to process more payment types than any other onboard POS system. Novostar can process: Cash, Foreign Currency, Vouchers, Travellers Cheques, Prepayment cards, Credit Cards, Chip & Pin, Contactless payment technology (facilitating any sale under £15 to be processed in a matter of seconds) and Near Field Communication (allowing you to pay for goods via electronic cash bag (mobile phone)
  • 3DES encrypted fully PCI/DSS, EMV, Common Criteria, bank certified for online and offline Chip & Pin and Contactless payments onboard
  • All manner of frequent flyer program integration to enable the passenger to collect or spend points in flight

Novostar Connect

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Our Novostar Connect product provides the glue that joins our POS to Back Office Systems, handling both offline and online connectivity and anywhere in between, it handles the interchange of information in an efficient and timely mannor whenever connectivity exists, whether that is over Wi-Fi or GPRS

Hosted in the cloud, NovoStar ‘Connect’ Middleware is based upon standard Microsoft platforms and development components. The airline operator has the assurance that key issues such as data security, system reliability and redundancy, OS backward compatibility and upgrade paths are all addressed automatically through our alignment with the World’s leading software developer. 

By using Push technology, we save on transmission costs, reduce turnaround time and improve reliability providing the right information and the right place at the right time. From updating systems of a change in price, changing a customers loyalty status through to giving airline operations early notice of a fault on the aircraft the information can be passed on as soon as there is a connection.

Novostar Hub

Novostar Hub Back Office System

Airline passengers onboard

Novostar Hub is where our systems meet the rest of the world. Our Windows Store Application provides the ability for our customers to manage the logistics behind the in flight operations, whether that is adding duty free products for sale, providing Food and Beverage for sale on board aircraft, or providing information about special requirements of a customer, the Novostar Hub allows this to be handled in a Desktop, or Tablet environment. It also provides the mechanism for integration to other Airline, Airport and Third party systems using our Novostar adapters.

  • Flight schedule / Crew Briefing
  • Sales Targeting / Procedural Data
  • Passenger CRM
  • Passenger Booking, Seat Allocation, Travel Itinerary
  • Baggage Handling Data
  • Catering & On-Board Duty Free Inventory Data
  • On-Board Sales Data
  • Weather data
  • product price comparison

  • The operational and commercial benefits that can be derived from the optimal configuration of the ‘Connect’ middleware are massive in impact and scope. Please refer to the What we can do for you section of this web site for more information.



    Airport seating area

    Hardware options are growing daily and there is a bewildering number of product types including rugged all in one devices, consumer tablets and phones, rugged tablets and a variety of payment terminals and receipt printers. Then there is the dilemma regarding operating systems and future proofing.

    Making the right choice will ensure happy and productive cabin crew, maximum uptime, the lowest cost of ownership and predictable costs. However the wrong device in the wrong environment can result in an open ended commitment, unreliable systems and data, and spiralling costs. Fortunately Novostar POS has been designed from the group up to run on Android, IOS and windows operating systems, and all hardware types from tablets to all-in one devices. The Navistar solution even allows mixed devices onboard the same aircraft, allowing for example All-in one devices for Food and Beverage sales, a 5" Android Tablet for Duty Free sales and an iPad for the Pursor.

    Thanks to our decades of experience and totally agnostic approach towards hardware and operating systems, we can assist you to make the most appropriate selection for your specific operations and strategic objectives. If you are a concessionaire we can provide advice on the best equipment for each one of your customers.


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    Payment Processing Options

    Payment processing is one of the most complex and challenging issues confronting the modern airline operator. As a leading provider of ancillary revenue systems TouchStar has, of necessity, acquired unparalleled expertise in the field of onboard payment processing. We support the payment requirements of our airline customers globally, across all countries and continents. Our solutions simplify the technical aspects of payment processing, allowing the airline and its crew to focus on what matters most – optimising the ancillary revenue opportunity and providing an enhanced experience for the traveller.

    The NovoStar system is designed to enable all on-board payment options required by modern  airline operators. Multiple POS device types (tablets, dedicated POS terminals etc.) are supported. Please see the section on mobile hardware within this web site for further detail on device types and advice on selection criteria. Devices can be configured with a variety of options including integral magnetic card readers, chip & pin capability, NFC reading etc.  Encrypted credit card data is used throughout, so that PCI compliance is assured. The on-board sales payment transaction is handled by the airlines preferred payment service provider. Payment options that are typically available include;

  • Cash (multiple currency support)
  • Credit card (mag stripe)
  • Credit card (Chip + PIN)
  • Contactless credit card
  • Debit Card
  • Near Frequency Communication (NFC)
  • Air Miles
  • Physical & Virtual Vouchers

  • Payment Certification Criteria

    The NovoStar system is fully compliant with all current payment processing criteria, as follows;
  • 3DES encrypted
  • fully PCI/DSS
  • EMV
  • Common Criteria
  • bank certified for online and offline Chip & Pin and Contactless payments onboard

  • Acquirers Available out of the box include
  • Barclays
  • HSBC (Global Payments)
  • Streamline (Worldpay)
  • Elavon
  • AIB
  • HBOS
  • Amex
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Six Payment Services
  • Valuator
  • B&S Card Services
  • Chase Payments

  • Business Intelligence

    plane through cabin window

    Improving performance to drive cost efficiency right through to enhanced loyalty needs insight. That’s why we’ve developed a reporting capability that meets the business needs of today and into the future.

    With our Reporting function, airlines can easily generate reports and dashboards to drill down into any aspect of the on board experience. And all of this information is also can be fed directly into core systems such as ERP and CRM for more detailed analysis.