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How The NovoStar System Enhances The Passenger Experience

The modern passenger demands fast and reliable service. They expect personalised experiences that enhance their time on board and that match service levels they experience off board. They want the ability to access multiple services on smartphones, tablets, seatback screens and Wi-Fi enabled passenger devices, just as they can when shopping in a ground-based environment. Facilitating that access through carefully deployed technology and combining it with unique passenger insights from intelligent customer data can not only drive an ancillary revenue programme but provide the traveller with an enhanced journey experience.

Ensuring that the crew can access key passenger and operational data enables them to deliver a more personalised experience to the passenger. Giving the passenger a personalised product offering, responding more rapidly to general and travel queries & recovering more rapidly from mistakes in service delivery all lead to one thing... a satisfied customer who is more likely to be retained!

There are multiple ways in which the NovoStar system enhances the customer experience, here are just a few;

  • Crew are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools that facilitate easy selling and payment processing. A smoother, quicker, transaction for the client preserves the association with an overall professional service delivery for the airline
  • Access to particular data sets, such as baggage handling or flight information, can be acquired immediately prior to departure. Passengers can be informed of problems with baggage or connecting flights and can be assisted in taking remedial action whilst on-board. It’s not always ‘good news’ but passengers will appreciate the proactive approach of the crew
  • In-flight incidents & events, be they positive or negative, can be formally recorded digitally by crew members. This can assist with the identification of persistent issues or opportunities for improvements in service delivery.
  • The availability of customer-centric data can allow for the easy provision of a wide range of enhanced services. Crew can encourage enrolment in frequent flyer programmes, fulfil special dietary requirements, facilitate pre-order purchases etc... all on an individualised basis