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How The NovoStar System Improves Airline On-Board Operations

When it comes to the optimisation of on-board services the extent of improvement can often hinge upon the use of our NovoStar Hub Adapters to interface with critical ‘back office’ business systems. In the area of in-flight provisioning, a modern airline striving for efficiency gains needs to deploy an automated catering and cabin service solution that offers optimized solutions through data sharing.

By interfacing directly with an airline’s reservations and departure control systems, an enhanced on-board operations system can more accurately forecast passenger counts as well as provide more accurate information, accounting for special meals, upgrades, go-shows, no-shows, updates to the printed catering report and much more. Along with forecasting features, the NovoStar system offers order visibility, increased use of reusable inventory and better inventory control.

When the system is integrated with flight schedule data numerous additional benefits are gained. System automation enables personnel to quickly create provisioning plans, determining what product and services are required on-board based on airline-defined service rules and policies, and then store the associated pricing. Once completed, those plans can be applied to the flight schedule as appropriate to the flights and classes of service offered. Integration with the flight operations system ensures the provisioning schedule is always in line with the latest flight schedule adjustments.

Additionally, the in-flight provisioning solution automates the time-consuming task of planning galley loading, enabling personnel to plan the loading process with automatic monitoring of the weight being loaded and available space within each galley and position. Reducing labour-intensive tasks associated with galley planning, inventory reconciliation and invoice auditing, frees employees to provide the next level of passenger service excellence.