17 September 2018

When booking a trip through a tour operator or cruise company, it comes as no surprise that every feature – often down to the smallest detail - can be booked in advance at the same time, in one go.   

Today this is a reality for airlines also.  The industry progressively moves towards this model, offering passengers the ability to enhance their booking even when on-board. This can range from additional extras and in-flight products and services, to onward transportation and leisure tickets – all during the flight.  

As a key driver for increasing ancillary revenues for airlines, it is anticipated that this end-to-end trip solution will be mirrored across the airline industry over the next year.  

It’s often the case that passengers make decisions on activities and attractions during the flight as they read guides and brochures or browse the Internet. Having the option to purchase tickets, make reservations and book tours and visits alongside the usual travel extras can be a great advantage. Passengers can also have the option to pick up tickets while on-board or upon arrival at their destination.  

The recent introduction by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) will provide the connectivity to facilitate the majority of these innovations.  

The NDC programme is addressing the industry’s limitations and, along with the latest technology, is promoting access to rich on-board content. A transparent shopping experience is rapidly becoming a reality.  

Together with increased online connectivity, airlines will have even more opportunity to drive the ancillary revenue opportunities which will fuel the success of our industry.    

In today’s competitive market, passengers have moved on from simply prioritising the best ticket price. Expectations in terms of customer service are rising so airlines need to provide a differentiated service, one that is geared to making the passenger’s journey more enjoyable and gives them a range of buying options.  

For airlines the ability to create the service that will make this difference is all about technology. Technology that helps them learn about their customers and offer the products and services that they will want to buy.  

The NovoStar system can help to enhance the ancillary revenue opportunity by:   ·        

- Equipping the crew with hardware and software tools that are unparalleled in ease of use.         

- Spending less time on the administration of the sale, meaning more genuine selling opportunities.

- Combining passenger data with payment data to eliminate fraud and reduce the frequency of disputed transactions in-flight.

- Intelligent data also helps the airline operator to avoid waste, an obvious and invaluable cost reduction consideration.

- Optimising trolley stocking and catering supplies.

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