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TouchStar (formally Novo IVC) were the first company to deliver a complete computerised on-board Point of Sale solution back in 1985.

With more than 30 years of continuous development and evolution, the NovoStar product suite provides best in class on-board Systems and all of the tools necessary to allow crew to deliver the best possible passenger experience.

In todays more and more competitive market and reducing ticket prices, airlines are looking for ways to increase that all important ancillary revenue. They are unbundling ticket prices and offering a comprehnsive range of chargeable extras.

But passengers have moved on from wanting just the best ticket price. Their expectations in terms of customer service are rising. That’s not to say they aren’t willing to pay for extras. Far from it, but they want to know they are getting value. We believe the airlines need to provide a differentiated service, one that is geared to making the passenger’s journey more pleasurable and gives them a range of buying options.

For airlines the ability to create the service that will make this difference is all about technology. Technology that lets you learn about your customers and offer them the products and services that they will want to buy.

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